Eye Pillow


Relax and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit with our calming Desert Wild Flower scented eye pillows. Ideal for meditation and rest, eye pillows are welcomed when it’s time to relax at the end of a long day. Soothe tired eyes, breathe in the lovely scent and experience the nourishing embrace of the Namib Desert. The pillows are made in Namibia from 100% linen. A single layer of raw-linen enables you to enjoy the healing power of the plants while feeling the healthy natural fibre directly on your skin. They are filled with a combination of Desert Snowbush’s fluffy flower heads and flax seeds for a lovely, comforting scent. Desert Snow Bush, Eriocephalus scariosus, reduces depression and stress, helping you to relax and sleep. Flax Seeds, ensure the perfect amount of acupressure to revitalise your vision. Their natural oil content enables them to retain heat or cold.



Heat in the microwave for 10-30 seconds, if desired. Lie down and make yourself comfortable, then gently place your eye pillow across your closed eyes. Gently squeeze to release the natural scent from the flower heads.

When washing the pillow, undo the ribbon and remove the seeds placing them in a bowl, replacing them in the pillow when dry. Add fresh Desert Snowbush flower heads for extra scent.


Fluffy flower heads of the Desert Snow Bush, Eriocephalus scariosus, Flax Seeds;


Dimensions: 22 × 9 × 1.5cm, Weight: 132g