Intimacy, the secret of solid perfume

The essence of perfume has always been subtlety, creating an intimate experience for yourself and those around you.

This was perfectly expressed in solid perfumes, which date back to ancient Egypt and are now becoming popular once again. Rather than the more volatile ethanol-based perfumes, which impose themselves on the sense of smell of everyone in the vicinity - whether they like it or not, solid perfume contains subtle scents for a more intimate view experience. It has a natural nourishing wax imbued with selected essential oils that respond to your body heat, creating an attractively and uniquely individual scent.

Respectful of this intrinsic quality of perfume, Desert Secrets created a solid perfume infused with the captivating and mystical scent of Namib Myrrh, resonating with the Namib’s ancient soul.


• 100% natural, made with natural base oils and a blend of essential oils.
• It allows a full scent expression, a slow release of the perfume’s deep notes.
• It contains nourishing base oils – Jojoba Oil and beeswax, which moisturise the skin – unlike the harsh alcohol-based liquid perfumes.
• The base oils are infused with a medley of soft alluring essential oils.
• Solid perfume is small and compact, ideal for travel – to the supermarket, a night out or a foreign destination.
• It is easy to apply ...
... And provides a personal and intimate experience for yourself and those close to you.


Where to apply the solid perfume: Choose your favourite spots.
These could be on your neck, behind your ear, on the inside of the wrist, inner elbow or behind the knee.

How to apply:

Rub your finger on the perfume and softly apply to your pulse points, giving it heat, for a slow release of the lasting scent.

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