About our naturally-scented Desert Blossom range

Desert Blossom invites you to partake in the rare occurrence of a floral celebration in the Namib Desert when an array of flowers carpets the Namib plains, exuding a burst of colour and a fusion of heavenly scents. Lying dormant on the soil for years, the seeds wait patiently for precious raindrops and respond with an exuberant and life-affirming presence. For a brief period, the desert is transformed into a wonderland that celebrates the mystery and beauty of nature and life.

Inspired by our profound experience of the desert blooms, we have created a range of products to bring the fragrant enchantment into your home and work space.

Reed Diffuser

Enjoy the invigorating scents from this spectacular desert celebration with our unique reed diffusers. The fragrance, made from 100% pure essential oils, is gentle on the nose, adding beautiful and subtle floral scents to the home.

Room Mist

Welcome the splendour of the desert blooms into your home with this special scented room mist, made with 100% pure essential oils. Let the floral celebration float through the air with its soft, calming fragrances that invigorate and refresh your living space with the blessings of life after a rainshower.

Savour the magic of the desert.



Scented Wax Tablets

Bring the splendid floral scents of the desert into your home with our scented wax tablets that have been carefully and lovingly assembled. Pretty to display, the botanically-infused tablets can be hung in closets or placed in drawers to refresh the space and impart their delightful fragrance to linen and clothes.

The softly scented tablets are wonderful wardrobe accessories that release a subtle and personalised fragrance into your home. Individually handcrafted so no two are alike, they are made with natural beeswax and soy wax, infused with 100% pure essential oils and embossed with beautiful dried botanicals.

Eye Pillow

Relax and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit with our calming Desert Wild Flower scented eye pillows. Ideal for meditation and rest, eye pillows are welcomed when it’s time to relax at the end of a long day. Soothe tired eyes, breathe in the lovely scent and experience the nourishing embrace of the Namib Desert.

The pillows are made in Namibia from 100% linen. They are filled with a combination of Desert Snowbush’s fluffy flower heads and flax seeds for a lovely, comforting scent.


Handmade Soap

Welcome the splendour of the desert blossoms into your bathroom. Breathe deeply and let the scents fill your nose and nourish your soul.

Hand Care Set

An elegant finishing touch to any home, our hand wash and lotion gift sets are most-loved for their harmonic scents.

Let the subtle and lovely scents transport you to the desert where they waft gently on the breeze and satisfy the senses with feelings of peaceful well-being and joyful renewal.



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