About our naturally-scented Desert Blossom range

20 April 2021

Inspired by our profound experience of the desert blooms, we have created a range of products to bring the fragrant enchantment into your home and work space.

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Floral splendour to remind us of the value of life

26 October 2020

Just as I was losing hope after this challenging year, it rained and the land transformed into a magical, awe-inspiring wonderland, reminding me of the joy of being alive.

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desert secrets rich body cream

Pure Luxury

16 October 2018

This new addition to the Desert Secret range has an alluring combination of specially selected all-natural moisturising, healing and rejuvenating ingredients.

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Eudafano Women’s Co-operative

12 August 2015

A common sight in the rural areas north of Etosha is to see a woman sitting in the yard of the homestead breaking open the nutty Marula fruit and patiently extracting the kernels. Nearby, an old grandmother weaves a basket, teenagers plait hair, children play and laugh, and a pot simmers quietly on a small fire.

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Solid Hand Cream: A firm favourite!

20 October 2015

Something innovative, different and lovely, Desert Secrets’ solid hand cream is fast proving to be a firm favourite and is flying off the shelves.

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Intimacy, the secret of solid perfume

1 February 2016

The essence of perfume has always been subtlety,
creating an intimate experience for yourself and
those around you.

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Angelika Eichas and Makalani nuts

12 November 2015

When Desert Secrets’ Sophia Snyman went in search of a gift container that was both unusual and authentic, she came across a Makalani nut that had been cut in half. That is when she had an innovative idea.

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The timeless tradition of soap-making

16 November 2015

“You don’t make soap today and use it tomorrow,” Sophia says when asked about her soaps and methods. “It’s a 5-6 week process from production to sale.”

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The birth of Desert Secrets: Sophia’s story

30 October 2015

The birth of Desert Secrets: Sophia’s story
Sophia Snyman grew up on a farm near Aus in south-western Namibia, bordering the Namib Desert.

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