Our Passion

Inspired by the mystery and magic of the ancient Namib Desert. Like this ancient land, the exciting body range is rich in secrets: golden replenishing oils, copper-coloured life-giving seeds and enticing scents.

Desert Secrets is handmade with heart and soul in Namibia, using natural ingredients discovered over time and carefully selected. They are the desert’s secrets. Timeless, with an ancient wisdom that has taken aeons to form under the vast blue and starlit sky, they hold a magic that you find only in the rare and special places of the Earth.


Sourced locally from plants grown sustainably and wild-harvested, our ingredients are used in their purest and most natural form. Originating from as far afield as the Kaokoland and the Kalahari, they hold the deep enriching properties proven to rejuvenate skin in an arid land.

Local at heart

Proudly Namibian, not only refers to the production and ingredients, it also extends to our packaging where we showcase Namibian craftsmanship to create a special and uniquely Namibian product.
Only women are employed at our production facility and no automated equipment is used to miximise capacity for employment creation. We do all our own packaging and labelling by hand, with love and care, to create a well-finished and attractive product.


Advocating the rights of people in rural communities, we deal directly with small enterprises reiterating Fairtrade’s philosophy to promote greater equity in trading partnerships through dialogue, transparency and respect.

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